Happy Republic Day


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Cutting Chai – Our Reason To Socialise

Cuttingtalks – A place where Idiots & Theories socialise.


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Everything Speaks. .

“For I have withered, I still mesmerize”

You can pluck it from her parent &  it will still be alive. If not you it will keep those memories immortal.

The Rose taught me many things, it speaks and it mesmerizes. It guides every individual in a different way & hence it refrained me to share her teachings.

“All I can say is that people have misinterpreted a rose’s thorns. They aren’t meant for its protection. She pricks you so that you will remember her always.”

Kaushal . . .


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My Morning Dose of Quakes & Suicides.

It is terrifying to be reading of another bunch of suicides ( S.S.C student again ) & the Haiti earthquake on this day of ‘MakarSankranti’.

The Newspapers & most internet websites state that the quake was of 7 magnitude & which took more then a 100000 lives so far. I came across the Red Cross strategy which is nothing but an appeal made to donate money for the rehabilitation of earthquake victims. All you need to do is send an SMS to a number (different for different countries) to donate money which ranges from $5 to $10. The Red Cross  have had a donation of around $800000 so far.

This method of donating money is actually very simple and i don’t think that people would mind donating $5 through their mobile phones. It’s better then writing a cheque or dropping the money into drop boxes. At-least, now the people are assured that their money is going directly to Red Cross & their is no other hand ( or hands) between to grab a few cents for their own benefit. The Corrupt officials & others will be busy cursing modern technology now.

I just hope that the dead get the door they always wished for.

You can also donate to the Red Cross via SMS by texting “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10. Or, you can text “YELE” to 501501 to donate $5 to the Yele Foundation, founded by Haitian musician Jean Wyclef.

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Ten Different Types of Individuals I Have Suffered With.

Different types of Individuals I have come across .

The Question Mark – Individuals falling into this category are hard to define & understand. The only thing possible is Predicting their actions as they are going to do nothing and just stand there for a decade with a big question mark imprinted in their forehead.

The Tube-light –  These freaks are much more difficult to understand & predict as like a Tube-light they act a bit ( ok not a bit ) late  thereby jumbling up the scenario.

The Wannabes – There’s no need to describe them.

The Emotional One’s – Even Guy’s cry but they don’t sob each time & guys don’t ask for tissues.

The Confused Soul’s – These are the same species of individuals who question a lot. People misjudge this ability of theirs as being curious but this is not the case.

The Pretenders Such Individuals pretend to be macho/smart/more intelligent then you but they actually aren’t. They will bluff you to death.I warn you people to stay away from idiots belonging to this species.

The Drunk Orators – OK, I know alcohol influences people’s brains to some extent but you can’t eat someone’s head by lecturing them about every stuff you have come across in your whole life . I understand you have made it big in life after a gruesome struggle but how the hell will I move ahead in my life unless you stop your story/advices\suggestions which has been on for like 3 hours now ?

The Abrupt Callers – These category of Individuals are found all over the world, even in the remotest parts. Such people are never busy in their life so they don’t & wont respect your privacy nor understand that you are busy & will continue calling you on your mobile phone irrespective of the many number of times you disconnect their call.

The Thrill Seekers – There is a mile difference between idiocy & fun but climbing a tree past midnight when a cops car is around is not my idea of having fun.

The Photocopiers – Copying ones accent,style,way of speaking is not cool. Inspiration is not the right reason to say when you get the same shoes as mine, accept it that you are a ‘Copycat’


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A word with my life . . .

I wrote this  somewhere around  the end of the year 2008 . I really had a tough time coping up with my life.
Please excuse me for the obscene terms I have used. I guess my brain cells weren’t fully developed then so please do not laugh .
Cheers !!
I always referred to my life as ‘her’ ( as I think she’s some b**** trying to mess me up for her own benefit)
I wrote this when like any other teenage, I too was pissed on my life . I wrote this for ‘My life’.  I love having a conversation with ‘My life’ & blaming her for everything bad and thanking her for everything good that happens to me. I love you the same as i hate you .

A word with her . .

Walking  Into A Storm,
Loaded With Grudge.
In An Ocean Of Worms,
You did Me Wrong & Never Did I Nudge.

Bloated With Regrets, Hatred & Shame,
For You, I Even Skipped That Passing Phase.
I Should Have Had Faced It,Damn I Was Lame,
All  You Did was Watch & Play Me On a Maze.

Ignorant Was I, So Rude And Blue,
You Never Did Guide But Glued, Screwed And Did Loot.
You Kicked, I Tripped and Fell & You Flew.
I Hated You For a While & Then I Had Ma Share for You To Boot.

I Went Low . . . Planning To Hit Back Good,
All Wet & Slurry but I Went Green Soon.
All I Wished Was A Single Hit, but my mood
It Swinged Wild, Courtesy My Brain, The Goon

Hatred, Anger, Revenge Was I filled With,
& It Turned into Shame For I Realised You Were Me.

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Modern Classroom Ethics


Most people greet and welcome others they come in contact with each day. A foe, a friend, parents, teachers or even your boss, greet everyone you come across. Saying a simple “Hi” or “Hello” or even “Good Morning” wont burn much calories and it definitely wont cause a stroke.

I can proudly acclaim that i am one of the few students in our class who actually attends the lectures physically as well as mentally. Most of the others are busy doing what suits them best. Our classroom is like any other classroom in the country but i am here Blogging about how, what, why people do things in the classroom & there actions which possibly wont result in any outcome. The question is,Why do something that wont provide you with any beneficial result ?

The attitude is wrong. Good clothes, an expensive watch, the latest mobile phone, branded canvas shoes make you look out of this world but constant murmuring and the group discussions you have about the nation “Uganda” and about all others in the classroom that you think were born their in the Psychology and Politics lecture actually don’t make any sense and wont make you a cool dude.
Only because you were caught gossiping in middle of the lecture not once but ten times doesn’t makes the professor a s*** or a kinky W****. You shouldn’t be discussing about Indian politics and Raj Thackeray when the professor is delivering a lecture on the Indian Constitution.

Respect others and earn respect.

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