Modern Classroom Ethics


Most people greet and welcome others they come in contact with each day. A foe, a friend, parents, teachers or even your boss, greet everyone you come across. Saying a simple “Hi” or “Hello” or even “Good Morning” wont burn much calories and it definitely wont cause a stroke.

I can proudly acclaim that i am one of the few students in our class who actually attends the lectures physically as well as mentally. Most of the others are busy doing what suits them best. Our classroom is like any other classroom in the country but i am here Blogging about how, what, why people do things in the classroom & there actions which possibly wont result in any outcome. The question is,Why do something that wont provide you with any beneficial result ?

The attitude is wrong. Good clothes, an expensive watch, the latest mobile phone, branded canvas shoes make you look out of this world but constant murmuring and the group discussions you have about the nation “Uganda” and about all others in the classroom that you think were born their in the Psychology and Politics lecture actually don’t make any sense and wont make you a cool dude.
Only because you were caught gossiping in middle of the lecture not once but ten times doesn’t makes the professor a s*** or a kinky W****. You shouldn’t be discussing about Indian politics and Raj Thackeray when the professor is delivering a lecture on the Indian Constitution.

Respect others and earn respect.


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