Ten Different Types of Individuals I Have Suffered With.

Different types of Individuals I have come across .

The Question Mark – Individuals falling into this category are hard to define & understand. The only thing possible is Predicting their actions as they are going to do nothing and just stand there for a decade with a big question mark imprinted in their forehead.

The Tube-light –  These freaks are much more difficult to understand & predict as like a Tube-light they act a bit ( ok not a bit ) late  thereby jumbling up the scenario.

The Wannabes – There’s no need to describe them.

The Emotional One’s – Even Guy’s cry but they don’t sob each time & guys don’t ask for tissues.

The Confused Soul’s – These are the same species of individuals who question a lot. People misjudge this ability of theirs as being curious but this is not the case.

The Pretenders Such Individuals pretend to be macho/smart/more intelligent then you but they actually aren’t. They will bluff you to death.I warn you people to stay away from idiots belonging to this species.

The Drunk Orators – OK, I know alcohol influences people’s brains to some extent but you can’t eat someone’s head by lecturing them about every stuff you have come across in your whole life . I understand you have made it big in life after a gruesome struggle but how the hell will I move ahead in my life unless you stop your story/advices\suggestions which has been on for like 3 hours now ?

The Abrupt Callers – These category of Individuals are found all over the world, even in the remotest parts. Such people are never busy in their life so they don’t & wont respect your privacy nor understand that you are busy & will continue calling you on your mobile phone irrespective of the many number of times you disconnect their call.

The Thrill Seekers – There is a mile difference between idiocy & fun but climbing a tree past midnight when a cops car is around is not my idea of having fun.

The Photocopiers – Copying ones accent,style,way of speaking is not cool. Inspiration is not the right reason to say when you get the same shoes as mine, accept it that you are a ‘Copycat’



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