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A word with my life . . .

I wrote this  somewhere around  the end of the year 2008 . I really had a tough time coping up with my life.
Please excuse me for the obscene terms I have used. I guess my brain cells weren’t fully developed then so please do not laugh .
Cheers !!
I always referred to my life as ‘her’ ( as I think she’s some b**** trying to mess me up for her own benefit)
I wrote this when like any other teenage, I too was pissed on my life . I wrote this for ‘My life’.  I love having a conversation with ‘My life’ & blaming her for everything bad and thanking her for everything good that happens to me. I love you the same as i hate you .

A word with her . .

Walking  Into A Storm,
Loaded With Grudge.
In An Ocean Of Worms,
You did Me Wrong & Never Did I Nudge.

Bloated With Regrets, Hatred & Shame,
For You, I Even Skipped That Passing Phase.
I Should Have Had Faced It,Damn I Was Lame,
All  You Did was Watch & Play Me On a Maze.

Ignorant Was I, So Rude And Blue,
You Never Did Guide But Glued, Screwed And Did Loot.
You Kicked, I Tripped and Fell & You Flew.
I Hated You For a While & Then I Had Ma Share for You To Boot.

I Went Low . . . Planning To Hit Back Good,
All Wet & Slurry but I Went Green Soon.
All I Wished Was A Single Hit, but my mood
It Swinged Wild, Courtesy My Brain, The Goon

Hatred, Anger, Revenge Was I filled With,
& It Turned into Shame For I Realised You Were Me.


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